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NUR 1050

Introduction to Professional Nursing

Library Databases

Why should you use library databases?

Besides “my instructor told me to”, there are many benefits to using library databases for your research.

  • Free access to full text of sources (especially scholarly journals, which are expensive!)
  • Database records make it easier to evaluate sources for credibility
  • Easier to figure out what type (scholarly journal, popular magazine, etc.) of information source you’re looking at

Once you have determined your research questions and brainstormed keywords, it is time to start searching for sources.

The library provides access to lots of databases where you can find articles, journals, newspapers, magazines, eBooks, book chapters, and reference sources (such as encyclopedias, quick introductions to a topic, and dictionaries).

Databases are hosted by different vendors (such as ProQuest or EBSCO), similar to how specific TV shows or movies are hosted by different streaming services (such as Netflix or Hulu).

Databases may look different and include different subjects or types of source, but ALL databases will have a few common features:

  1. Search Box(es) - enter keywords
  2. Limit / Refine Search Results - by date, source type, subject, peer-review, etc.
  3. Tools to Manage Your Research - link (URL), copy, save, email, print, cite, export, etc.

Database "Best Bets"

Nursing Databases