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NUR 1050

Introduction to Professional Nursing

Identifying Nursing Journals

Nursing journals are scholarly journals where:

  • Nurses are the intended audience for the journal.
  • Nurses are part of the editorial board for the journal.
  • Some (or all) of the authors are nurses.

In CSM library databases, the name of the journal is listed under "Source" in the article information. Click on the journal to find more information about the publication browse volumes/issues, or search within the publication for specific topics.

To find more information about the journal, Google the name of the journal to find their website. Information on the editorial board and mission of the journal will usually be listed in an "About" section.

To find more information about authors or board members for a journal, Google their names and look for bios on their institution's websites, ResearchGate profiles, or LinkedIn profiles. These can help you determine if they have a nursing background.

Lists of Nursing Journals

CSM's E-Journal Finder is a great tool for finding specific journals OR for browsing by subject.

American Poetry Review journal listing in CSM's E-Journal Finder

Under each journal, use the entries for a direct link to the journal in that database. The date range is especially useful if you are looking for a specific article (where you know the publication date) or need articles that were published in a certain time frame ("last 5 years", "before 1975", etc.).

Other Nursing Journals

For these outside resources, use the nursing journal websites as a search tool. Once you find an article of interest, find the full text using:

  1. E-Journal Portal - search for the journal title to see if we have full text access to the journal in any of our library databases
  2. Google Scholar - copy/paste the citation and see if (free/open access) full text is available anywhere online
  3. Request via Interlibrary Loan (ILL) - Choose “request an article”, then fill in as much information about the article as you can. Once you submit your request, we will reach out to other libraries that may have that journal and request a copy of the article you are looking for. This is a free service for students! However, it may take a while (several weeks for books, but usually less time for articles) for us to receive the article so it’s best to request as soon as possible.