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Databases & Resources

This guide provides an overview of CSM library databases and other resources for finding information.

Gale Databases

Gale In Context & LRC

Most of the Gale databases look the same and have similar search functions, limits, and tools.

Basic & Advanced Search

Basic Search

Found on the home page for the database, the basic search option in Gale databases provides one search box. The home page also includes links for specific options in each database, such as "Browse Issues" (Opposing Viewpoints), "Browse People" or "Person Search" (Biography), and "Works Search" (Literature Resource Center).

Advanced Search

The advanced search option in Gale databases provides multiple search boxes for specific types of information (plus the options to add more) along with options to limit your search by publication dates, content type, peer-review, and more.

Topic Finder

According to Gale, the Topic Finder "tool takes the titles, subjects, and approximately the first 100 words from a subset of your top results and feeds them into an algorithm. Keywords shown in the graphics are those found most often in the text with your search term."

Topic finder tool link in a Gale database.

Visualization as Tiles:
Tile visualization of a search for Ernest Hemingway in Gale's Topic Finder tool.

Visualization as a Wheel:
Wheel visualization of a search for Ernest Hemingway in Gale's Topic Finder tool.

Results & Filters

Gale databases divide your search results into categories, which vary depending on the database.

Literature Resource Center:
Showing results for: Literature Criticism, Biographies, Topic & Work Overviews, Reviews & News, Primary Sources & Literary Works, Multimedia
Opposing Viewpoints In Context:
Showing results for: Academic Journals, Viewpoints, Primary Sources, Reference, Biographies, Images, Videos, Audio, News, Magazines, Statistics, Websites
Biography In Context:
On this page: Featured Content, Biographies, Videos, Audio, News, Magazines, Related Topics

There are also filtering options available on the right.

Filter your results: Subjects, Person - About, Name of Work, Author - Items By, Publication Title, Document Type, Search Within

Database Records

Database records include all kinds of information that can be useful when evaluating a source to determine if it meets your needs, such as:

  • TitleAuthor, and Date
  • Publication Title (name of the journal, book, or other publication)
  • Volume and Issue
  • Reprint information
  • Publisher
  • Document Type
  • Length
  • Full Text (often available on the page in Gale databases)


When viewing a record page, tools for saving, exporting, and citing will be at the top of the page.

Buttons for tools: cite, send to, download, print, get link, highlights and notes

Saving / Exporting
  • Send to... (email)
  • Download
  • Print
  • Get  Link (permalink)
  • Cite
  • Export To: NoodleTools

Citation tool pop-up in a Gale Database, including links to export.

Gale eBooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library)

Search or browse collections.

Table of contents page for an eBook in Gale

Once you select a book, you can:

  • Search within publication
  • Cite
  • Get link - provides a permanent link that can be used to navigate back to this page.
  • Choose a volume
  • Click on sections, titles, or subtitles in the Table of Contents to view the text.
    Table of contents listing for an eBook in Gale​​​​​​​