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Learn how to use NoodleTools to create citations and manage your research.

Creating Notecards

Notecards help you to keep track of your own ideas plus any quotations and ideas from your sources that you plan to add to your paper. 

The “Notecards” tab has two view options: tabletop view and detail view. Notecards can be sorted into “piles”, which allow you to group similar notes together.

  1. Click “New Notecard.”
    "New Notecard" button

  1. Title the notecard and specify which source (and page number) it corresponds to. 

  2. You can also add “Tags” for your notes. Once you have multiple notecards, tags can be helpful to filter your notes by topic or idea. 

  3. Don’t forget to “Save & Close” when you are done with a notecard! 

Direct Quotations

Copy/paste or type direct quotes from the source that you plan on using in your paper. This will be helpful when you need to add an in-text citation. 

Paraphrase or Summary

Write out an explanation of an idea from the text in your own words. You will need to acknowledge the source of the information in your essay, but may not need to use quotation marks or include page numbers for the in-text citation. 

My Ideas

Make notes about your own ideas related to this source.

Screenshot of a blank notecard in NoodleTools.


Creating Outlines

  1. In the “Notecards” tab, check the box labeled “Outline” at the top. 

  1. Use the “+” to add topics and subtopics, and the trash icon to delete them. 

  1. Use the edit icon to rename topics and subtopics 

  1. Use the arrow icons to move topics/subtopics in order to: 

    • Change the order of topics 

    • Change a topic into a subtopic under a larger category 

    • Change a subtopic into a larger category (topic) 

Screenshot of an outline in NoodleTools. 

Creating and writing notecards [VIDEOS]