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Learn how to use NoodleTools to create citations and manage your research.

Creating Your Bibliography

Bibliographies are lists of full citations for the sources you used in your paper. These are also called References (APA Style) or Works Cited (MLA Style).

Exporting to Word or Google Docs 

From the Sources tab, click the printer icon at the top of the page. Options include: 

  • Print/Export to Word – Creates a Word document with your citations.

  • Print/Export to RTF – Creates a text file with your citations that you can open in any word-processing software.

  • Print/Export to Google Docs – Creates a new doc with your citations (Note: you will need to log in to your own Google account for this). 

Screenshot of the "Export/Print" menu on NoodleTools.

Adding a Bibliography to Your Essay

  1. Open the file for your essay (in Word, Google Docs, etc.) 

  1. Add a page break at the end of the essay, so that your bibliography (reference list, works cited) will start on a new page.

  1. Copy the bibliography from the Print/Export document and paste into the file for your essay.

Annotated Bibliographies

Need to create an annotated bibliography?

When adding or editing each source to create citations, use the "Annotation" box at the bottom of the page to include your annotation.