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eBook Collections

How to access and use the thousands of eBooks in CSM Libraries' databases.

Gale eBooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library)

Search or browse collections.

Table of contents page for an eBook in Gale

Once you select a book, you can:

  • Search within publication
  • Cite
  • Get link - provides a permanent link that can be used to navigate back to this page.
  • Choose a volume
  • Click on sections, titles, or subtitles in the Table of Contents to view the text.
    Table of contents listing for an eBook in Gale​​​​​​​

Downloading & Other Tools

Database page for an article from a reference book

When viewing a section, chapter, or entry, there are options at the top of the page:

Icons for multiple tools in the Gale eBooks database

  • Table of Contents - for navigating to other sections without returning to the original table of contents page
  • Book View - displays the content in a book format more similar to an EPUB or PDF, in contrast to the default Text View
  • Cite
  • Send to... (email)
  • Download (PDF)
  • Print
  • Get link - provides a permanent link that can be used to navigate back to this page.
  • Highlights and Notes - no account needed! Highlight and take notes, then download them before you close your browser.

There are also options to translate, decrease or increase font size, change display settings, and list to the content.

Gale text display options