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Library Overview

Welcome to CSM Libraries! This guide is your introduction to the resources we offer.

Library guides (also called LibGuides or research guides) are resources created by your friendly librarians to help you with research.

Subject Guides

Subject guides provide an overview for getting started in researching specific subjects. They include subject-specific tips, ideas for keywords, and suggested databases.

Course Guides

Course guides provide resources for specific courses at CSM, often including tips directly related to your assignments. They also include many of the same related information found in subject guides.

Other Guides
  • Citation Styles including APA Style, MLA Style, Chicago Style, CSE Style, NoodleTools, and plagiarism
  • Specific types of sources including Empirical Research, Book (& Film) Reviews, Literary & Film Criticism, Peer-Reviewed & Scholarly Publications, eBooks, Primary Sources
  • Specific types of assignments, such as annotated bibliographies
  • Other topics including Research Help, Databases & Resources, Library Overview (this guide!), Open Educational Resources, Faculty & Staff Resources, and Accessibility Resources

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