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Faculty & Staff Resources

This guide provides information about library services for faculty and staff at CSM.


CSM Librarians are available to work with faculty to review a course or an assignment, particularly in terms of student learning outcomes related to information literacy, academic integrity, and research skills. Email us at to request a consultation.

Course Review

The librarian can review any lecture plans/presentations, class activities, tests, and assignments in the course in order to provide feedback and suggestions (based on current best practices for information literacy instruction) to help integrate information literacy concepts into the course.


  • Reviewing overall course structure and identifying areas where information literacy concepts could be added.
  • Identifying the best time to schedule a class visit or library instruction
  • Suggestions for library resources and tools (such as links to specific library guides, handouts, or worksheets) to add for specific modules or assignments

Assignment Review

The librarian can review a specific assignment (especially those that require college-level research) and provide feedback and suggestions based on current best practices for information literacy instruction in order to ensure that the assignment accomplishes its goal.


  • Reviewing the assignment prompt for a research paper to ensure that CSM library databases have sources that meet the requirements.
  • Helping to revise an assignment to add a research component, including guidance on what types of sources you may want students to use.


Amy Spitz, our Instruction & OER Librarian, can meet with faculty to work on incorporating OER into their courses. This may include assistance with finding existing OER and ancillary materials for re-use and guidance for developing new OER resources for specific courses at CSM.