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Open Educational Resources

Learn more about OER and how to find, create, modify, and use it.

What are Open Educational Resources (OER)?

Open Educational Resources are educational materials (including lesson plans, textbooks, etc.) that are freely and openly available, often with open licenses that allow anyone to use, customize, and share the content. 

OER materials include: 

  • Learning Content

    • Full Courses

    • Course Material (syllabi, activities, assignments, quizzes or tests, homework, etc.)

    • Content Modules

    • Learning Objects (infographics, videos, charts, graphs, etc.)

    • Collections

    • Journals 

  • Tools

    • Software to develop content

    • Learning Management Systems

    • Software for organizing and searching content 

  • Implementation Resources

    • Creative Commons Licenses

    • Other intellectual property and copyright resources

Why use OER?

  • Encourages collaborative, engaging, and participatory teaching and learning opportunities 

  • Low cost, especially compared to traditional textbooks 

  • Flexibility in content and format 

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