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Political Science

Introduction to research in Political Science.

Primary Sources

A primary source is a document or object that was created at the time of the period under study. It is a first-hand account created by someone who experienced the event or time. 

Examples of primary sources: 

  • Letters 
  • Memoir 
  • Newspaper Articles 
  • Diary 
  • Recordings 
  • Oral History 
  • Survey Data 
  • Photographs

Where can you find primary sources?

Many primary sources have been made accessible online by archives, libraries, museums, and historical societies. Find primary sources in:

  • CSM's Library Databases
  • Other libraries and archives
  • Historical societies and museums

Check out the library Primary Sources guide linked below, or find links to American Government primary sources from the POL 1010 guide's Primary Sources page.

Other Databases


Video Resources