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Annotated Bibliography

Learn about annotated bibliographies and how to write them.

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APA Example

In this example:

  • Full citation in APA format 

  • Paragraph 1 = descriptive annotation that summarizes the source. 

  • Paragraph 2 = critical/evaluative annotation including discussion on the usefulness of the information provided and intended audience.

Boone, S., Biggs-Chaney, S., Compton, J., Donahue, C., & Gocsik, K. (2012). Imagining a writing and rhetoric program based on principles of knowledge “transfer”: Dartmouth’s Institute for Writing and Rhetoric. Composition Forum, 26. 

Providing an example of what a writing program based on writing-related transfer research might look like, Boone et al. provide an overview of the writing program at Dartmouth’s Institute for Writing and Rhetoric. The authors provide a history of the program development, explain current curriculum and organization, and provide a look to future directions for the program. Beginning with the idea that not all skill or knowledge transfers in the same way, program developers at Dartmouth set out to explore what kind of knowledge writing is and how this knowledge is transferred. By developing curriculum and sequences of courses that encourage reflection and connections to future courses, as well as engaging in faculty development and reflection, Dartmouth has established a writing program that provides a model for other writing programs. The authors explore the state of research on the program and goals based on current assessment.

This piece serves as an excellent guide for writing program administrators and writing researchers interested in seeing how current research on writing transfer can be applied to a real program. The authors offer practical advice, include sample syllabi and curriculum, and offer honest reflection on successes and struggles of the program. This article provides much-needed information to those interested in revising a writing program that fits within current transfer research.