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Ebook collections at CSM

How to access and use the thousands of eBooks in CSM Libraries' databases.

Highlights, Notes and Bookmarks

highlights, notes and bookmarks

1. Annotation Pane - The Annotation Pane contains all highlights, notes and bookmarks in a book, arranged by page and type. You may delete an annotation by clicking on the trash can icon and this will remove the annotation from the book and from your bookshelf.

2. Highlights - Pop-up Menu - Select text on a page and choose to highlight in yellow, blue or pink from the pop-up menu.

3. Highlights - Toolbar - Use the highlight icon in the toolbar to highlight text in yellow.

4. Add Note - Pop-up Menu - Create a note by selecting text on a page and choosing the note icon in the pop-up menu. Type your note and click on Save.

5. Add Note - Toolbar - To add a note to the whole page rather than selected text, use the note icon in the toolbar.

6. Bookmarks - Click the bookmark icon in the toolbar, or the upper right of the page, to bookmark a page.


Your bookshelf in ProQuest Ebook Central keeps track of your downloads, loans and saved books, and lets you share them with others.

Features include:

1. Download & Loans - Easy access to the books you’ve downloaded or have on loan, and a reminder of how many days are remaining.

2. Recently Viewed - Up to 10 titles that you’ve recently viewed are displayed here.

3. Annotated Books - Easy access to all of the books that you have bookmarked, highlighted or added notes to

4. Save to Bookshelf - Organize your books into as many folders as you’d like. Your bookshelf comes with a Research folder and you can add more folders as you need them.

5. Annotations - Access your highlights, notes and bookmarks at the book level quickly and efficiently.

6. Sort By - Sort by Title, Contributor(s), Year Published, Publisher.

7. Share Link to Folder - Share a link to your folder with others at your institution.

8. Email Folder - Email folder contents to other Ebook Central users.

9. Export Folder - Export folder contents in .csv format.

10. Cite Folder - Create a citation from your choice of styles: APA, Chicago, and MLA.

12. Cite Book - Create a citation from your choice of styles: APA, Chicago, and MLA.


Bookshelf - Export Notes, Share Link to Book, Copy To, Remove

11. Export Notes, Share Link to Book, Copy To, Remove - Export your notes and bookmarks; share a link to the book; copy a book to another folder; or remove the book from your bookshelf.