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NoodleTools: Overview

Create a New Project

Before you start adding sources to NoodleTools, you have to create a new project.

Click "Create New Project" button

View the video tutorial on the New Projects page to learn how to start projects in NoodleTools!

Create a New Citation

Add sources to your bibliography by creating citations.

From your bibliography page, to create a new citation:

1. Choose what type of source you are citing from the "Select a citation type" drop down

2. Click "Create Citation" 

Click 'Create Citation'

View the video tutorials on the Add Sources page to learn how to cite or create a bibliography in NoodleTools!

About In-Text References

In your paper, when you quote or paraphrase information from a source, you have to credit that source with an in-text reference.

What are in-text references?

1. In-text (also known as parenthetical) references point to a specific source in your bibliography.

2. These references appear in parentheses directly after the quote or paraphrase you used in your paper.

3. Different citation style has different formats for in-text references, but they usually include the author's last name and the page number where the quote or paraphrase appeared in the original source.


Check out Cite in Your Paper page to learn how to create in-text citations in NoodleTools!

Notecards and Outlines

In addition to saving citations, you can also create notecards and outlines in NoodleTools.

Organize your research by:

1. Creating notecards with quotes and paraphrases of information from your sources

2. Linking notecards to source citations in NoodleTools - you'll never forget where you grabbed a quote!

3. Creating an outline with your notecards 

View the video tutorials on the Notecards & Outlines page to learn how to use notecards and outlines in NoodleTools!

MLA, APA and Chicago Citation Guides

Check out the MLA, APA, and Chicago citation guide for more information about creating citations for different sources!