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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are educational materials and resources offered freely and openly for anyone to use.

Getting Started

OER can be found through multiple organizations, institutions, and tools.

OER Search Engines & Collections


Creating Your Own OER

The idea of combining many different types of freely available materials into a single course-specific "textbook" is rather daunting. These products and services facilitate that process to make it more manageable.

Using Videos?

Subject-Specific OER Collections

These collections are focused on one discipline, but still provide a wider variety of content than an open textbook on a single topic.

Open Access Textbooks

Along with the full courses, videos, images, presentations, etc. you will come across hundreds of Open Access Textbooks in the above-listed repositories. It can be difficult to narrow in on a textbook that is appropriate for the course you are teaching next semester. Collections such as Open Stax College and the Open Textbook Library offer more concise lists, but other options certainly exist. What follows is a very limited selection of open textbooks in popular introductory topics from a variety of different sources and platforms.