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Library Orientation: 4. NoodleTools

What is NoodleTools?

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NoodleTools is a citation manager. It can help you organize your research by storing citations (and even full text) for the articles you find. You can then use these citations to automatically generate a bibliography, formatted to whatever citation style you choose. You can also use NoodleTools to began the writing process by linking ideas to sources and creating an outline.  

NoodleTools looks like a big, complicated program, but it's actually easy to use and very useful. Take the time to dive in and fiddle around with it to decide if it is a tool you could use.

Getting Started with NoodleTools

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Get Your Hands Dirty!

  1. Create a user account in NoodleTools.
  2. Add at least four articles from at least two different databases to your NoodleTools project
  3. Create a bibliography within NoodleTools.
  4. Organize info from sources using Notecards.
  5. Began an outline for a research paper in NoodleTools (hint - Notecards tab)

Advanced NoodleTools Use

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Quiz Yourself!