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COM 1010 - Pfeiffer: Information Literacy

Library Resources for Speech Communication

Tips for Evaluating Information Resources

Evaluating Information - Applying the CRAAP Test, Meriam Library, California State University.
Currency: The timeliness of the information.
Relevance: The importance of the information to your needs.
Authority: The source of the information.
Accuracy: The truthfulness and correctness of the content.
Purpose: The reason the information exists - inform, teach, sell, entertain or persuade?

Evaluate News Stories With I'M VAIN

I'M VAIN = Acronym For Evaluating Sources In News Articles

  I    =Independent sources are better than self-interested sources.

  M  =Multiple sources are better than single sources.

  V   =Sources who Verify are better than sources who assert: "I know" vs. "I believe." 

  A/I =Authoritative and Informed sources are better than uninformed sources.

  N   =Named sources are better than unnamed sources.

From the Center For News Literacy, Stony Brook State University.