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RDG 0800 Analytic Reading and Reasoning: Books & eBooks

General Guide to Library Resources

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To search by topic enter your search terms in the search box and click the Keyword button. Examples of search terms:


civil rights movement


teenagers and depression

physical fitness


  can point you to other interesting resources related to your search within CSM Libraries.

 can be for these types of information:

  • Subjects covered in the book
  • Other books written by the same author(s)
  • Books in the same series

Look for  in the Explore! section.  

The CSM library uses Call Numbers to organize books on the shelves.

Call Numbers are a book's shelf address. The combination of letters and numbers tells you where to find it in the library.

When you look up a book on the CSM library web site, you'll find the Call Number on the book info page. Write down this number and match it up with label on the book on the shelf. For example, the Call Number for the book Walden by Henry David Thoreau is PS 3048 .A1 1942.

If you need help finding a book, ask a librarian!


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Academic eBooks are available 24/7!

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