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Empirical Research Article: Examples of Empirical Articles

This guide will help you find empirical research articles in Library databases.


Use the ProQuest databases to locate any of the following four articles. You may not use these articles for your assignment but must find your own article:

Couples Watching Television: gender, power, and the remote control
Alexis Walker Journal of Marriage and the Family; Nov 1996; 58, 4; ProQuest Religion pg. 813

Elementary and High School Teachers: birds of a feather?
Susan H Marston; Gerald J Brunetti; Victoria B Courtney Education; Spring 2005; 125, 3; Research Library pg. 469

Gender Differences in Affective Responses to Sexual Rejection
Hanneke de Graaf; Theo G M Sandfort Archives of Sexual Behavior; Aug 2004; 33, 4; Research Library pg. 395

Racially Biased Policing: determinants of citizen perceptions
Ronald Weitzer; Steven A Tuch Social Forces; Mar 2005; 83, 3; Research Library pg. 1009


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