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Argument Paper Help: Argument Paper Help Guide

Help with Argument Paper Assignment. Understanding the information cycle, selecting keywords, using Boolean operators, searching in ProQuest.

Argument Paper Help Guide

About This Guide

Check out this guide for information that will help you successfully complete your argument paper.

This guide covers:

  • the information cycle and how that impacts source selection
  • how to identify appropriate keywords in research question, and how to identify additional keywords
  • how to combine keywords using Boolean operators
  • how to effectively search ProQuest using keywords and Boolean operators
  • the components of an article as presented in a database 

To use this guide:

  • click on the tabs to view the main topic page
  • hover over the tabs to view the subtopic pages - a dropdown menu will appear, click the subpage you wish to view
  • take the quizzes and participate in the exercises!

My Argument Paper Topic

The Washington, D.C. council just voted to require employers to pay workers a living wage that is higher than the national minimum wage, which effects Wal-Mart's ability to open a number of planned stores in D.C.